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Microsoft Axapta

Microsoft® Business Solutions-Axapta® gives you the solid foundation you need to collaborate successfully with your customers, partners, employees and suppliers. The solution provides you with the insight and flexibility to pursue new strategies, operate across borders, and expand your capabilities as your business grows.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily customizable and highly scalable
  • Supports connectivity with customers, vendors, business partners and employees
  • Robust, comprehensive functionality all-in-one source
  • Supports operations across countries, sites, languages and currencies

Key Features: Axapta supports your entire business and allows you to choose from comprehensive functionality, including:


Key Features



  •   MRPII-compliant supply and demand planning
  •   Finite and infinite capacity and materials planning
  •   Job scheduling and sequencing
  •   Resource management
  •   Shop floor management
  •   Work order management with job costing
  •   Product configuration
  •   Graphical bill of materials designer with version control
  • Distribution

  •   Multi-site warehouse management
  •   Inventory management with dimensions
  •   Order handling with trade agreements
  •   Order promising
  •   Item and lot number reservation and tracking
  • Supply Chain Management

  •   Demand forecasting
  •   Intercompany trade
  •   Procurement management
  •   Partner self-service websites
  •   Performance monitoring
  •   Electronic information exchange
  • Project Management

  •   Project types and hierarchies
  •   Project finance and invoicing
  •   Consultant self-service web sites
  • Financial Management

  •   Financial management with dimensions
  •   Intercompany accounting and consolidation
  •   Complete audit trail
  • Customer Relationship Management

  •   Sales force and marketing automation
  •   Telemarketing and questionnaires
  •   Sales management
  •   Customer self-service websites
  •   Computer telephone integration
  •   Document management
  • Human Resource Management

  •   Organizational charts and employee registration
  •   Skills mapping and recruitment
  •   Employee self-service web sites
  •   Business process management
  • Business Analysis

  •   Designer for multidimensional data cubes
  •   Integration with Microsoft Analysis Services
  •   Analysis views through embedded Pivot Tables
  •   Balanced scorecard with key performance indicators
  • Global Solution

  •   Supports local legal and accounting requirements
  •   Multiple languages
  •   Multiple currencies
  •   Local sales and support
  • Technology

  •   One integrated and web-enabled business logic
  •   Three-tier, scalable system architecture
  •   Open source code with integrated development environment
  •   Conforms to all relevant technology standards and interfaces

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